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Are you interested in Live Streaming on Twitch but don’t know how, or need those extra questions answered to get started? Well, in our instructional courses we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons for even the most experienced streamer.


I want to thank Streaminstructor for teaching me how to stream. Because of recent events I started to play video games. Once I learned the gaming aspect I wanted to learn how to stream so I would have human interaction and play online. I found this website streaminstructor and it helped me out tremendously. I am taking the beginning courses and look forward to moving on to the next step. Being a little older I thought it would be hard but the instructional video’s and the support team were excellent. They made it real simple. I am excited about where this is going to take me. Thanks again Steaminstructor.”


“In my spare time I would always watch people stream. I wondered what it would be like to stream. I spent a couple of days doing research and learning the setup process. Once I had everything set up I looked for ways to grow my stream. I stumbled upon this website called Streaminstructor. I bought their program and started going through the first couple of lessons and realized this would have saved me a lot of time with the setup process. The next couple lessons are what really helped me become a full time streamer. Each lesson is a step by step process that will walk you to the top. They have so many awesome tips and helpful advice to grow your stream. I am on my way to almost 500 followers and I am very excited to become sponsored.”

Jake H.