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What is streaming?
Streaming means listening to music or watching videos in ‘real time’, instead of watching it later.
Why should I get into streaming?
Streaming is a great way to get involved with people all around the world. Streaming can also be a great way to earn money in your free time.
What do your courses offer?
We provide everything you need to know, from setting up your stream to getting sponsored.
Why should I take your courses?
No matter what age group you are in or how experienced you are with technology our walk through guides and tutorials will help you succeed. We offer tips for the beginners and ideas on how to grow your stream for the more advanced users.
Why should I take your course if I already know how to stream?
We have a course that is specifically for the people who already know how to stream. If you are looking to grow your following or how to obtain a sponsorship, then take our advanced courses.