How to Live Stream to Twitch: A-Z Instructional Guide



Are you interested in Live Streaming on Twitch but don’t know how, or need those extra questions answered to get started?

In Stream Instructor’s A-Z instructional courses we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons for even the most experienced streamer. In the beginner lessons we focus on launching your first stream which includes branding yourself, choosing a platform, learning OBS, optimizing settings, and then ultimately tips & tricks on how to manage your stream while you are live. Intermediate lessons contain topics that will help you substantially grow your audience by learning to create a schedule, interact with your community, upgrade your stream’s features and appearance, assign moderators, and customize your own chat bots. Finally, the advanced lessons focus on continuing to grow and maintain your channel by using gimmicks effectively, finding a sponsorship, and creating opportunity from your brand.

You will learn how to…

  • Brand Yourself
  • Create your own twitch channel
  • Launch your first live stream
  • Interact with your viewers
  • Grow an audience
  • Create and stick to a schedule
  • Maintain Channel Growth
  • Find sponsors


  • Xbox One, PS4, and/or PC
  • You DO NOT need a capture card to take our courses
    Recommended: Internet Speed of at least 5 Mbps. Check your connection at